Art is not what you see, but what you make others see
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Edgar Degas



Hello and welcome to my site. My name is Lilach, and I am the artist behind Art By Lilac.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been creating art, mostly for myself. I always loved colors, textures, and the different ways they make us feel. I was eight years old when I started to sculpture, fell in love, and never stopped.

I studied Chemistry in high-school, served in the military, and traveled the far east – a pretty typical life flow in Israel, where I grew up. When it was time to choose a career path, I wanted to make the world a better place. I thought that architecture would be a great fit – the perfect combination between my logical mind and my love of art, to make sustainable cities where people would feel a sense of belonging and engagement. I learned painting (and loved it!), created my portfolio, and got into architecture school. I soon discovered that I love the studio less than the other courses and that the focus on measurements and rules took away my enjoyment of the process. Confused, I consulted my university counselor and decided to switch to biology, which I always found fascinating. I still wanted to help the world but wasn’t confident enough to believe my art could do so. Or maybe it was my previous belief that art is just a hobby and not a career. So, I did my BSc and MSc in Biology, got married, had kids, and worked in clinical and research labs until we relocated from Israel to the US.

Moving to a new, unfamiliar environment is like having a new blank canvas – you get to choose how to fill it. When I asked myself, “What would I do regardless of extrinsic rewards (money, status, recognition, or power)?”, the answer was clear. ART. Art was always there for me and is the one thing I never grew tired of. I decided to overcome my fears and prejudice and open up to the world.

Those are my creations, and this is me. I hope you enjoy them. 

Recent Publications

Goodyear Chalk Festival, Public Art, First Place – Artists’ Choice, Goodyear, Arizona, 2021.

“I Am You, You Are Me: Portraits; Scottsdale Public Art; Civic Center Public Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, 2021.


What Animal Starts with The Letter Vav?

Children’s Book’s Illustration, available on Amazon, 2021.